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Atlanta New and Interactive Media Agency #03-1022074-124

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our agency positions itself as one that is building living brandsSM, extending the tenets of traditional, direct response and interactive advertising into the digital space-an environment that enables brands to communicates with, not to their customers. ...

Cultural Profile

Our agency would best be described as a young man with old eyes. The principals of the firm have weathered marketing storms in 1992 and 2001 while managing to stay afloat. The heart of the principals is still youthful and optimistic, always willing to test a new communications approach. The eyes show wisdom, hard lessons learned in hard times. ...

Firm Strengths

Unlike other direct response and interactive firms, our agency employs a brand centric approach to our client engagements. Two of the principals are former technology brand planners from large, traditional agencies. ...

One Last Word

As marketing continues to automate, opportunities to communicate with customers at every stage in their lifecycle (from interest and acquisition to retention and upselling) continue to proliferate. Drawing from a combination of agency and client side experience in ...

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