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Atlanta Advertising Agency #03-1029892-352

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are a direct response advertising agency. Our mission is to generate sales as efficiently as possible for our clients. To this end, we employ proven direct response techniques to ...

Cultural Profile

You could picture our company as a culturally-diverse university with people committed to their practice and continual learning. Diverse...while our business is direct marketing (i.e.,PRODUCING QUANTITATIVE RESULTS) and that is what we have in common, we are ...

Firm Strengths

Our 5 greatest strengths: 1.) We are capable in ALL major direct marketing media: DRTV, Interactive, Direct Mail/Database and Print. Our media philosophy is that we rank media performance and continually gravitate the bulk of ...

One Last Word

There is one last point that separates us from many agencies. We believe that if we do everything our client asks us or expects us to do the best we can do is earn a "C+". We believe that part of our mission is to be a continued source of new ideas to our clients. It is through bringing great new ideas that have the potential for a breakthrough in ...

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