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Atlanta Public Relations Agency #03-1039679-264

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Clearly the marketing challenge today is not just finding an agency that can effectively communicate the value of a luxury purchase, but also finding an agency that can unapologetically deliver on promises. We pride ourselves on an obsessive attention to demonstrating ROI while ...

Cultural Profile

Our core values are an expression of the founder's passion for creativity and problem solving, as well as a relentless drive to accomplish great fetes and an unyielding belief that fortune favors the bold. As we've grown over the past decade, we've come to formalize our values into four distinct attributes: ...

Firm Strengths

Our Core Solutions: . Brand Messaging . Media Relations . Social Media Strategy . Experiential Events ...

One Last Word

We learned many years ago that selling luxury is far different than selling all other kinds. While many will speak of exclusivity and high prices to justify a luxury brand, we believe what actually sells a luxury product is the emotional connection the luxury buyer has with the brand. ...

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