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Austin Public Relations Agency #03-1014190-728

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

To provide you with the best communications strategy, proactive media relations and fast, effective execution, which will enable you to meet business goals and secure market-leading positions. ...

Cultural Profile

Our firm's president was formally one of the leading high-tech journalists at ComputerWorld and a founding member of PC Week. As a result, she has experienced first hand the difference between good and bad PR. Seeing the need for a PR firm that understood both the high-tech industry and the needs of the press, she jumped the fence to ...

Firm Strengths

Strategic Counsel, Positioning and Message Development Media Relations Launches and Tours ...

One Last Word

Our firm's difference lies in the depth and breadth of our high-tech expertise and in our public relations talent - bright people who communicate fresh ideas in a clear, compelling way. This is supported by our unparalleled IT infrastructure that gives us complete, up-to-date information on the media and the high-tech industry. ...

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