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Austin Public Relations Agency #03-1041791-069

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Hello. We are a firm that specializes in food and consumer packaged goods. We build brands and businesses. We escaped the big agency way of doing things and created our own path, followed our own work philosophies, and packaged them in a neat little orange box. We provide ...

Cultural Profile

Hello. We specialize in food media relations and event planning We offer: - Big agency expertise with boutique agency dedication and service ...

Firm Strengths

1. Our firm specializes in food and beverage public relations. 2. We offer wide range of publicity tactics including media relations and social media efforts. 3. We offer a proprietary reporting system that includes weekly status reports, placement reports hosted in the cloud, etc. ...

One Last Word

In terms of PR ... We do this. A lot. We live in this space It's important to us that we do important work Clients pick agencies, but agencies also pick clients. ...

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