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Baltimore Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1013887-482

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our agency believes in creating awareness and changing attitudes. We believe in stopping power, audience engagement, and likeability. We believe in stretching our clients' budgets and creating added value. ...

Cultural Profile

People have a lot of fun here, but we work hard. Like any good ad agency, there's a continually shifting atmosphere of good humored laughter and borderline panic, depending on whether we just finished an assignment or whether a deadline is approaching. ...

Firm Strengths

'Challenger Brand' Expertise - We have a knack for helping smaller brands make dramatic inroads against larger competitors (and larger budgets). In House Capabilities - We are fully integrated, including our own film ...

One Last Word

Every agency is going to try and spin you and tell you they are unique, but all their words are going to sound similar after a while. Here's what makes us genuinely unique: No other agency has its own film production company. No other agency ...

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