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Baltimore Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1014638-206

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We believe consumers and B2B customers are tired of being interrupted with advertising. We seek to be relevant and useful in their lives, and we strive to ensure everyone who touches our clients' brands has a pleasurable and valuable experience. You may never have heard of us. ...

Cultural Profile

Brainy, slightly nerd-like, energetic, visionary, related, relating, talkative, emotional, trusting, trustworthy (on our honor), play well with others, eclectic, family-oriented, and ready to work with alacrity--looking for clients who are good people, who want what we have, and who want to enjoy their work as much as we do. ...

Firm Strengths

Strategic communications program planning: utilizing our proprietary framework of customer creation and retention model, brand/message strategy, and message delivery strategy. Interactive media (internet, extranet, intranet development; CD-ROM ...

One Last Word

Our ethnographic research subsidiary uses a proprietary network of over 3,500 anthropologists around the world to uncover cultural and consumer insights and deliver better market research. Employing techniques like participant observation, photo and video diaries, and structured interviews, our ethnographers place consumers' interactions with ...

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