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Baltimore Public Relations Agency #03-1015922-305

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

At our agency, our goal is single-minded: to achieve our clients' communications objectives by creating and defining their marketing advantage. While competition is becoming more keenly focused and budgets are under greater scrutiny than ever, the increasing ...

Cultural Profile

We think that the workplace is something that both our colleagues and clients alike should eagerly anticipate rather than dread. Our atmosphere is relaxed and informal, but always focused. The diversity of resources and experiences of our associates is shared, with a variety of disciplines "crossing barriers" and intermingling. A true ...

Firm Strengths

Although our agency is not a "niche" or "specialty" shop, we've clearly established a laudable reputation, an enviable record of results and range of expertise representing a broad scope of diverse clients. With a national reputation for "credible media relations," our agency has garnered the respect and close cooperation of key members of the print ...

One Last Word

In an industry infamous for account service turnover, our agency offers clients real continuity in public relations strategic planning and implementation. With seventy-five percent of our senior management tenured for more ...

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