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Baltimore Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1026919-192

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our agency was founded in 1981, and we have grown with clients and through acquisitions into a leading, full-service, mid-Atlantic marketing communications firm, serving local, regional, national and international clients in a variety of categories. Our capabilities ...

Cultural Profile

Our Partner-in-Charge philosophy, where senior members of our organization roll up their sleeves and get deeply involved with a client's business, sets the tone for our agency culture. Everyone feels they can contribute to the successes of our clients and the agency, and ...

Firm Strengths

- Getting more out of client's core customers Taking our client's brand beyond the functional relationships with the consumer (location, price, and value). Developing messages that create and reinforce true emotional bonds with their customer. It is this ...

One Last Word

Our agency and staff experience with multi-outlet retailers is nothing short of extensive. In fact, the agency was founded with three retail clients: Choice Hotels, Roy Rogers and the Big Boy Restaurants, so the very structure of the agency is designed to respond to the daily demands of retail. Today, fulfilling the necessity of doing business at ...

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