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Boston Public Relations Agency #03-1018748-634

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

The Successful Cornerstone of our firm's Mission: Total Client Commitment We are is a results-driven, energetic public relations, public affairs ...

Cultural Profile

At this time of enormous change, market fluctuations, unrest and war abroad, we cannot lose sight of the true mission of public affairs and media relations: to communicate your company's message clearly, effectively and continuously to the media and the public. In this pursuit, our firm approaches communications from a global perspective ...

Firm Strengths

Our firm works for national and international companies, ranging from hot track emerging businesses to multi-billion dollar organizations, including Germany's Siemens, America's Teradyne and Japan's Konica, as well as leading government organizations such as the US Army (DOD), US AID (DOS) funded initiatives and the American Cancer Society and ...

One Last Word

We are totally client committed, results-driven, energetic public relations, public affairs and analyst/consultant relations firm. We are driven by a passion for excellence and an aggressive, unique approach towards marketing each of our clients. ...

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