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Boston Public Relations Agency #03-1025418-653

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are a global PR agency serving companies that use technology for competitive advantage. Built organically from the ground up, we uniquely offer the dedication of local agencies and the power and reach of a global agency. Our firm represents leading brands in 31 ...

Cultural Profile

We specialize in public relations for companies using technology for competitive advantage. We drive successful regional and global public relations campaigns for clients around the world. Communications leaders at today's most significant technology businesses gravitate to our localized offices for the unique quality of our people and our ...

Firm Strengths

To us, public relations is multifaceted, requiring certain proficiencies. We offer a suite of services based around seven practice areas, each critical as a stand-alone initiative, yet incredibly powerful when integrated with each other. ...

One Last Word

Since 1981, we have had the privilege to work with hundreds of companies and technologies in local, regional and global campaigns. Our client list is a testament to the caliber and diversity of the client work we have done, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, the breadth of experience our staff possesses and ...

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