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Charlotte Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1014704-031

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our Talk Human Approach We live by our Talk Human(R) Point-of-View Everything we do is grounded in strategy. And, when it comes to communication, we "Talk Human". Even in B2B, we believe that brands ...

Cultural Profile

Agency Attitude "Press On" "Nothing in the world ...

Firm Strengths

What Makes Us Different? Our "big/small" size. With just over 200 people, we are large enough to provide our clients with fully integrated marketing communications programs with global punch, yet small enough to allow for hands-on ...

One Last Word

We approach our work with a unique combination of left and right brain thinking, objective and subjective thinking, quantitative and qualitative analysis. First the left brain. We're sticklers for research. Not just poring ...

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