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Charlotte Sales Promotion Agency #03-1014733-491

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our agency continually works at being a premier, leading edge marketing and sales promotion agency specializing in the development and execution of strategic marketing programs designed to provide business building results. ...

Cultural Profile

The agency is lead by passionate, strategically creative professionals who are results driven. Top management, as well as agency personnel, really get excited about the work. While award winning, we truly believe in working for the client to help achieve their objectives and not to win awards. We strive to understand the client's business, and ...

Firm Strengths

Our competitive advantage over other agencies is threefold: 1. Strategic Creativity - Our ability to think conceptually enables us to provide our client's with ideas that move business forward. Our visionary staff develops strategically creative programs designed to ...

One Last Word

Our agency's top management has a multitude of both agency and client experience. Beyond the scope of our current clients, the agency and it's personnel have worked with companies such as Frito-Lay, Ralston-Purina, Memorex, NEC, Anheuser-Busch, Hanes, Tyson and Miller Brewing. The agency and its personnel have received numerous awards ...

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