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Charlotte Advertising Agency #03-1022673-639

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are Identity Builders, specializing in helping clients create, build, manage and maximize the value of their corporate, product and service brands. Our core competencies lie in branding, graphic design, brand research and strategic brand development programs. ...

Cultural Profile

We believe that our methodologies are only as good as the people who are working on the project. To this end, we have recruited a smart, savvy and talented mix of employees and dedicated, trained freelancers, with backgrounds that range from naming, copywriting, graphic design, package design, brand management, brand strategy and market research, ...

Firm Strengths

We offer a potent combination of: Branding and Positioning Expertise We combine creativity with strategic thinking, conceptual ideas with a knowledge of details and experience in implementation. ...

One Last Word

We help companies to build strong brands, both existing and new. For each project, we are dedicated to impeccable client service and to providing an excellent, timely and cost-effective creative product that promotes long-term growth. Our goal is to establish an enduring relationship and to create exciting image-defining strategies that ...

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