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Chicago Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1015273-784

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

To offer clients an integrated/synergistic approach to ethnic marketing. We focus on providing our clients with strategically based marketing programs that "move the needle". We offer our clients a turn-key resource not only for the development of ethnic marketing ...

Cultural Profile

We are an organization that focuses on bottom-line results Our operating values include: accountability, responsibility, perspective, results orientation. We hire the type of staff that have extensive experience in 'go to market' scenarios where they have a keen understanding from their past experience of knowing what an SKU is and ...

Firm Strengths

Ethnic marketing strategy Integrated/synergistic marketing Church-based marketing Product Sampling Local marketing ...

One Last Word

We at times have trouble getting clients to understand that we are a truly integrated marketing resource whose expertise covers the gambit of all of the marketing disciplines. From dealing with problem/opportunity markets to developing effective advertising and media options, product sampling public/community relations, sports ...

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