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Chicago Media Buying Agency #03-1019641-001

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our vision is to fundamentally change the nature of media planning and buying in North America. To shake off the traditions and expectations of what media departments do. To manage the universe of communications for our clients. To bring a constant stream of ideas to our clients, ...

Cultural Profile

Our people are our most important asset. Since our mission statement is to "revolutionize how media is planned and purchased in the United States" it is critical that we create a working enviornment that attracts the the brightest and best qualified ...

Firm Strengths

Our key strengths include: Traditional Media Planning and Buying - Including all forms of broadcast, print, out of home, multicultural. ...

One Last Word

Within our industry we are known for being different, for being innovative, hungry, and championing change. Naturally, we represent a threat to our competition. We are the largest independent media service in the world, with worldwide billings in excess of 11 billion. Our company is an integrated network of media specialists in North America, ...

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