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Chicago Public Relations Agency #03-1028563-740

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Mission, Vision and Values Our Mission is to be more important to our clients Our Vision is to inspire clients and employees to think differently ...

Cultural Profile

We are strongly differentiated by the quality of the talent we hire and cultivate, and the importance we place on ensuring that the best resources are matched with clients at every level of need. We have top-notch strategic planners, media experts, creative minds, team leaders and account people. ...

Firm Strengths

INTEGRATION - We work with our clients to conceptualize campaigns in an integrated fashion, through the variety of marketing communication disciplines a client may be using. WORD-OF-MOUTH MARKETING - Our ability to drive client messages through viral and word-of-mouth campaigns is also a particular strength. ...

One Last Word

We create innovative, creative and unique programs that break through the PR clutter. PR industry publications cite us as being "the most creative agency." What makes us different is our focus on brands. One size does not fit all. Every brand offers its user unique attributes solutions and product benefits. Each public relations strategy and ...

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