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Chicago Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1028797-491

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Creative that wows. Stunning visuals. Plentiful press releases. It all may win your agency awards for a job well done, but if it doesn't all come together as a campaign that creates measurable returns for the client, what difference does it make? We emphasize integrated marketing ...

Cultural Profile

We are forthright and direct with our clients, but leaven it all with a good sense of humor. Unlike some marketing consultants we've encountered, we do not profess to have all the answers. However, between our knowledge base and the collaborative approach we take in working with our clients, we always devise creative solutions that meet ...

Firm Strengths

Our key core competencies: --Proven skills in a spectrum of marketing strategies and tactics, from marketing research to collateral development to media relations ...

One Last Word

One of our strengths that has worked particularly well for professional services firms and consultancies is what we call "expertise" marketing and PR. It's designed to help such clients leverage the thought leadership that their firms stand for, largely via bylined articles (OpEds, trend discussions, how-to's, etc.) that we write and place in ...

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