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Chicago Advertising Agency #03-1031837-955

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

"Shaping Ideas" is our vision. We mold our clients' goals and input into effective imagery with concise messaging.

Cultural Profile

Freethinking, and seemingly random everyday conversations can be the kernels that later sprout into great campaigns. You never know how pop-culture, political or even individual beliefs can be shaped into a great ad or promotion.

Firm Strengths

Our strengths are: 1. Seeing more to a project than what may have been outlined. We give at least 3 different spins on the same assignment and outline the pros and cons of each. ...

One Last Word

Each assignment has research put into it. We depend on our knowledge of and exposure to pop-culture and current events as well as formal market research (from the client or initiated by us) to determine the target market. We then try to understand the lifestyles of the individuals in that market. We look at what they read, view on TV/web and their other ...

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