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Chicago Advertising Agency #03-1033758-922

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We're all about helping our clients succeed. Regardless of our clients' definition of success, our single focused goal is to help them meet their stated objectives. Invariably, this means driving sales and profits. It also usually includes enhancing the valuable equity in ...

Cultural Profile

We have one core overriding belief which permeates who we are and how we behave - the Golden Rule. Thus our name, the chemical symbol for gold. We believe in doing business in a manner that treats others with respect, embraces an old-fashioned work ethic and operates openly and honestly. This is how we wish to be treated. So it is how we, in turn, ...

Firm Strengths

1. Mass Media: TV, print, radio, outdoor and digital 2. Brand General Contracting: Coordinating multiple agencies to deliver one integrated solution. ...

One Last Word

We measure our success through our business results, client satisfaction and employee satisfaction. Business Success: We are now six years old. In that 6 year period, we have more than doubled our revenue and profit; meeting and exceeding ...

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