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Chicago Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1034124-177

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

The Agency believes that every brand has hidden revenue potential. As a consumer engagement group, innovation lab and brand consultancy, the Agency capitalizes on that potential with innovative ideas that energize brands. ...

Cultural Profile

The Agency has developed a more innovative and nimble business model that delivers greater efficiencies, a higher scalability of resources and considerably less overhead. Clients find the Agency easy to work with and devoid of the bureaucracy found at other agencies. ...

Firm Strengths

The Agency team has a proven record in delivering in-market results with ideas that drive consumers to action and strike an emotional chord. The Agency has executed award-winning creative across all mediums, ...

One Last Word

Think of the Agency as Agency 2.0. Thanks to its unique business model, it is able to offer its clients the most innovative creative solutions, the brightest talent and a broader range of partnership. The Agency answers only to its clients, not shareholders or holding ...

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