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Chicago Public Relations Agency #03-1035170-001

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: Client service is first and foremost in everything we do. Whatever it takes to help our clients achieve their goals is what we do - and more. Our firm started with the drive for media relations results and evolved to a full-service agency. We relate ...

Cultural Profile

Our culture is an exercise in contradictions. We are laid back, yet we work really hard. We believe in independence AND teamwork. We are work out enthusiasts, yet we all love candy and freshly baked cookies. If you were to spend a day with us, you'd find we believe spin is for disc jockeys, not PR professionals. We believe in the power of the ...

Firm Strengths

Our portfolio of experience includes all aspects of corporate communication - from external communication dealing with issues management and media relations to executive presentations and comprehensive crisis management strategies. Our core strengths lie in the following five areas: ...

One Last Word

We know you need from a PR firm: . A strategic partner . Strong relationships with critical media professionals . Smart and creative teams . Value-driven tactics ...

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