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Chicago Advertising Agency #03-1036154-269

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

A lot of agencies talk about awareness, shifting perceptions, purchase intent and buzz. Others will talk about going digital, 360 branding, or channel planning. But those things are meaningless if you can't energize your consumer and influence them to behave differently. ...

Cultural Profile

Our agency is the product of new thinking. We are an alternative agency brand within a worldwide network. We offer the leading-edge, full-service marketing capabilities that clients need, in a nimble, entrepreneurial package. And one other remarkable thing: energy. ...

Firm Strengths

We believe our approach and skill set apply to a pretty broad set of marketing challenges. That said, we've done fantastic work with brands that need a "re-think." Brands whose core meaning needs to be pulled forward, made more relevant, and rediscovered by consumers. This has led to a number of brand turn arounds like Aleve, Dial, Jim Beam, ...

One Last Word

There are a plethora of brands, media choices, and messages with little time to process it all. As a result, consumers have grown increasingly indifferent, or apathetic, about brands. In a world of Brand Apathy, we create BrandEnergy. ...

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