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Chicago Advertising Agency #03-1038825-657

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

"I cannot go to my board of directors and recommend an agency with a frivolous name like yours" worried one Fortune 500 Marketing Director. "Fine," we said, "call us by our intiials." ...

Cultural Profile

We don't have fancy offices. We don't have huge committees. We don't have a worldwide network. Our creative people don't wear leather pants and have affected names like Sigweed or Sonja. We're a lean and nimble firm without the big agency fat. We believe in ...

Firm Strengths

1. Insightful strategy 2. Creative solutions to business problems 3. Outstanding creative product across all media ...

One Last Word

Three creative professionals founded our agency, so it's doubtful our strength is in PowerPoint presentations. We think in four-color. We obsess over the nuances of shooting 16mm film versus 35mm. We have long lunchtime debates over the virtues of local voiceover talents. ...

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