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Cleveland Advertising Agency #03-1015906-640

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

A strong brand communicated creatively makes a client a lot of money. That's the foundation of our vision. There are three legs to this philosophy, all equally important. ...

Cultural Profile

We're passionate about what we do. And we have fun doing it. If we differ in minor ways, we all share these most important attributes. That's because from the top down, we look for people who have initiative, intelligence, good interpersonal skills, leadership abilities and experience. In that order. Then we give our people a lot ...

Firm Strengths

Our areas of strength: Brand focus. We're organized around brands. Have a proprietary process for strengthening them. And add capabilities to safeguard every impression they make. ...

One Last Word

Just a few words on what, in our view, constitutes effective creative. The brand, the strategy, the media plan -- all of these are vital to focusing the creative message. But they are all ultimately invisible to the audience. The audience sees only the creative. Which means the creative must be something the audience wants to see. Because it's far ...

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