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Cleveland New and Interactive Media Agency #03-1028993-119

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our firm combines creativity, marketing knowledge and technology to help dynamic organizations be more effective -- whether on the Internet or local area network, on the desktop, mobile device or social network. ...

Cultural Profile

Our firm survived the Dot Bomb era by staying away from the herd of lemmings, by constantly asking why, and by staying true to strategically-sound programs. Doing that, and continuing to be successful, required (and requires) a blend of creative, resourceful, intuitive, patient individuals who aren't afraid to think big, but who ...

Firm Strengths

- We were organized the year the Web was commercialized (1994) and have evolved as the Web and supporting technologies have evolved. - Our staff is dedicated to the interactive/digital space. ...

One Last Word

Online marketing is unique in that it requires a continuum of services and engagement points: -- identify and attract an audience (online advertising/promotion/viral) ...

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