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Dallas Advertising Agency #03-1015292-215

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Agency Vision To be a dominant industrial agency, whose overall character is reflected in its leading edge approach to marketing/communications and ...

Cultural Profile

The following five beliefs describe the culture of this company: 1. The client's needs are always the first priority 2. We're here to sell the clients' products 3. We've got to know the client, his or her products, services and ...

Firm Strengths

Our strengths are easy to identify: 1. We specialize in industrial advertising and public relations. Several of us have been doing this work for decades. We do know what we're doing. ...

One Last Word

To be redundant, there are four characteristics that differentiate this agency for others: 1. Our absolute specialization in industrial marketing 2. Our experience in a wide range of heavy industries. CPI, ...

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