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Dallas Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1016948-812

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We provide comprehensive capabilities to help national advertisers address business challenges on a market by market basis. We believe that, while "brands" may be national, business is truly local. Our goal is to help national brands translate their equity to specific markets ...

Cultural Profile

We pride ourselves in having a staff that can speak two different languages: First, the language of brands and brand equity and second, the language of individual markets. Our people are passionate about understanding the needs of the brands and then going into the markets to uncover the best way to address these needs. Generally speaking, our ...

Firm Strengths

Our strengths: 1) Focus... we know of no other agency with our specialty and understanding of local dynamics ...

One Last Word

We believe the most significant challenge facing marketers today is the reality of people's lifestyles... and the fact that potential consumers are increasingly away from home and therefore, not effectively reached by traditional TV strategies. Increasingly more brands are unable to effectively employ network TV strategies to connect with consumers. We ...

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