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Detroit Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1023536-590

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

As the U.S.'s largest independent marketing services shop, our agency was built to activate one to one marketing. Developing integrated marketing concepts that work across channels to ...

Cultural Profile

We are a thought-provoking agency that challenges the status quo. We think, create and act strategically. We spend our clients' money as if it was our own. We are straight-shooters - creative yet rooted in reality. We "get it". We are loyal. We have fun doing what we do. And perhaps most importantly, "We Make it Happen". ...

Firm Strengths

1) Direct Mail. In 2008 we delivered almost 700MM pieces into the market on behalf of the industry's leading users of the medium. 2) Digital Marketing. Wheher its the latest in social media programs, mobile marketing, building digital applications and websites, or email programs, we have a breadth of expertise. ...

One Last Word

Our "Make it Happen" approach to servicing our clients underscores our commitment to work at the speed today's business requires. Throughout our 20 year history, we've built a large and loyal client base that benefits from our work ethic and focus on results. ...

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