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Detroit Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1033152-159

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We are a design firm that does marketing. For us, design is not a commodity or an add on to strategy and planning - it is integral to the process of differentiation. We believe that differentiation is the result of solid strategy, great creative and the latest technologies. ...

Cultural Profile

Descriptions from employees: "loves hard, difficult, sometimes painful work" "conservative, yet liberal" "frantic" "hardworking" "not for everyone" "honest" "surprising" "friendly" "considerate" "adaptive" "self-critiquing" "real" "don't take ourselves too seriously"

Firm Strengths

Strategic and creative development, marketing and sales collateral, web development, branding and identity, internal communications & publications, advertising and public relations

One Last Word

We are not right for everybody. Our web site says "We Know Nothing" and that is how we approach each engagement. We start with no pre-conceptions, no pat answers. That's how we like to work. When our clients embrace that philosophy, we collaborate and create great work. As a privately held firm with nearly 50 years, we pride ourselves on ...

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