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Houston Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1014315-738

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

The premier resource for cost-effective, integrated, business-to-business marketing and communications programs. Not a traditional advertising agency, we can make measurable contributions to every facet of a complete marketing program up to the actual sale ...

Cultural Profile

Our four goals include: 1)we want to do important things; 2)we want to make a significant difference in our clients' businesses; 3)we want to make a decent living; and 4)we want to enjoy our professional relationships (co-workers and ...

Firm Strengths

Research. Strategy. Creativity. Database Marketing. Measurement. By carefully basing marketing communications on these, we avoid communications ideas which are self-serving or fail to capitalize on relevant market factors. ...

One Last Word

The Agency has substantial international marketing expertise. We have developed and implemented global advertising programs for a number of clients. We have administered communications programs which targeted the international mining and water well markets and generated both domestic and international advertising and literature formats for ...

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