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Kansas City Advertising Agency #03-1015015-978

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our Value Proposition: We are a tireless and engaging marketing partner, with dynamic and fully-integrated capabilities, whose insights and imagination create competitive advantages for our clients and people. ...

Cultural Profile

"Be real" is our call to arms. Be real to who you are and what you stand for, so the vision is clear to everyone . clients, staff members and potential clients. Being real means focusing on delivering great creative that is ...

Firm Strengths

Our agency's number one strength is the talent, character and work ethic of our associates. It is their talent, desire and determination that makes the magic. Like most full-service agencies we offer: account management, creative ...

One Last Word

We are the eighth-largest independent agency in the country and the 40th-largest overall. While we are large, we don't have an extensive and cumbersome ownership structure. It's been this way for 44 years. In a day when the name of the agency game seems to be acquisition, we remain independent. We choose to keep things simple. We stay focused on ...

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