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Kansas City Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1023477-784

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

DO THE RIGHT THING .. for our clients, our suppliers, and ourselves. Our agency was founded on our creative product. That product is grounded in results for clients. Bottomline, we believe our clients ...

Cultural Profile

Lean, strong, fair. We work hard for our clients everyday. Each member of our team is considered tops in their field in the market. Well respected within our peer community. We believe in putting most of the client's advertising budget where it'll do the most good - in front of potential customers - not in big agency overheads. ...

Firm Strengths

Our learning curve is short, our creative thinking is sharp and we are one of the top agencies in the market for media negotiation and buys.

One Last Word

Our agency is well-known and respected within the community of advertising/marketing peer groups. With over 30 years of experience our agency name is synonymous with long-term commitment to our clients and ourselves. Average agency tenure among employees is well over 10 years - unheard of in today's burn and churn environment. ...

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