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Kansas City Advertising Agency #03-1032096-566

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our philosophy isn't simple. That's why it's a philosophy. If it was easy then everyone would have the same one, and then it wouldn't be a philosophy any longer. Right? ...

Cultural Profile

Unexpected We're a small, quiet little agency from the Midwest that has its face buried in work. And some of the things that come out of this little agency you would never anticipate. But that's how we like it...if it's ...

Firm Strengths

Insight drives strategy. Suprise is our greatest teacher. An idea doesn't care who has it. ...

One Last Word

Great advertising people don't work for money. We work because we love creating work that helps our clients grow. When you grow tired of standard agency answers. When you want authenticity, candor and a different approach. Call us. Better yet, ...

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