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Los Angeles Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1014107-159

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Effectively connecting with Hispanic consumers and moving them to action isn't simply about advertising; it is achieved by the ideal combination and application of a series of disciplines that result in sound strategy, powerful communications, effective customer management ...

Cultural Profile

Our team of multi-cultural, multi-national, bilingual and bicultural communications professionals all possess different and complementing talents and expertise necessary to maximize our clients' investment in reaching out to the Hispanic consumer. ...

Firm Strengths

Our results in the marketplace are by far the best indicator that we exceed all expectations set forth by us and our clients. Results such as an increase in minority loans (Hispanic) of over 40 million in less than a year in Texas alone, a 400% increase in call volumes to our banking client's Spanish Language telephone line, a sales increase of ...

One Last Word

Our vision, mission, statement of commitment and guiding principles are rooted in community and integrity. Our agency is ready to go to work, as it is a team that: ...knows the customer and understands the Hispanic consumer like no ...

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