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Los Angeles Public Relations Agency #03-1014507-938

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our mission: "With deep healthcare industry knowledge and a thorough unsderstanding of each client's business, we deliver superior,strategic communications that drive results, foster careers and enhance quality of life." This mission enables us to forge long-term partnerships with ...

Cultural Profile

High-quality, consistent work is a goal of any determined organization driven toward success. This drive is supported by the values that shape our culture - our "R" values, applied equally to clients, the agency , and new hires. We have a rigorous commitment to: ...

Firm Strengths

As both online/Web-based strategies and managed care continues to sculpt the healthcare marketplace, our agency's strength derives from providing our healthcare clients with blueprints for growth that include strategic marketing, leadership positioning, and developing vital relationships with industry leaders. ...

One Last Word

Backed by more than 20 years of health care industry experience, our full-service Creative Services department offers a broad range of integrated marketing solutions for all clients. From advertising and direct mail to brand identity and Web Site design, we take a holistic approach to corporate communication by considering both the medium and ...

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