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Los Angeles Advertising Agency #03-1016076-205

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Creativity without frontiers. With those three words we begin to get at the core of 180 philosophy. Here's how we arrived at it: ...

Cultural Profile

We think of ourselves as the world's first truly international (as opposed to multinational) creative hotshop. In order to do work for the world, we're bringing the world to Amsterdam to create a multi-cultural (31 nationalities so far) creative ...

Firm Strengths

Number 1 - Our Creative. Hopefully our work speaks for itself. We are a creatively-driven agency. Number 2 - Our international orientation. We're here to do work for the world. We set up to do it from Day One. We do international work by ...

One Last Word

Clients looking for an international agency have historically faced two options: 1. Go with a multinational network. Just remember that a traditional network is only as good as its weakest link. And that maintaining ...

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