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Los Angeles Advertising Agency #03-1029394-246

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

To create innovative and effective marketing and advertising communications to all desired segments in order to stimulate and enlighten the consuming public.

Cultural Profile

We are an agency of creative thinkers. Not just in terms of producing ads both through visuals and audio means but in terms of also thinking creatively from a strategic marketing and media planning and execution standpoint. We emphasize that because we feel it is most important in this day and age of fractured time schedules and so many competitors ...

Firm Strengths

We are confident that we are a "well rounded" agency which strengths in several areas but if we have to single out five they would be the following: 1. Strategic marketing and advertising research and ...

One Last Word

As the first full service minority advertising agency in the United States, we bring a unique perspective to each assignment due to our history as a pioneer and the many different clients and cultures we have experienced over the years. We have handled not only ethnic assignments but general market as well. We are constantly looking for ...

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