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Los Angeles Advertising Agency #03-1036109-730

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We believe that a great agency should be free of the bureaucracy and layers that get in the way of the creative process; that it have a low center of gravity, enabling it to act and react with greater speed and agility; and most of all, that it allow a certain amount of freedom to ...

Cultural Profile

We are marketers, writers and artists, tacticians and dreamers, brand stewards and believers, the lot of us. We look for the humor in things and try to keep irony alive. We strongly believe in social responsibility in business, for the ...

Firm Strengths

1. Strategic analysis, brand evaluation, development and stewardship. 2. Creative development (broadcast, print, online, outdoor, collateral, design), production, evaluation, distribution and tracking. 3. Direct marketing, database management, analytics and modeling, ...

One Last Word

The prior experience of our President, Peter Stranger (CEO of J. Walter Thompson West, President, Della Femina McNamee LA, Managing Partner, Bozell, Irvine) has brought national client, big budget, classical marketing disciplines to our agency. Peter celebrates his position, describing himself as a "happy refugee from corporate advertising", and ...

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