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Los Angeles Advertising Agency #03-1039022-939

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Actually, we're not an ad agency. We do what agencies do--just without the bureaucracy, the high overhead, the juniors just out of portfolio school, and the time-consuming learning curve. We believe the most valuable thing that can be offered to a client is experience. ...

Cultural Profile

We're relaxed, easy-going, with the confidence that comes from working with one another over most of our careers.

Firm Strengths

Experience in all media. We can help you communicate in traditional media, online or on grocery carts. You hire us to get something you need done. A new product introduction. A promotion. Producing a web video. Creating and executing a campaign from start to finish. ...

One Last Word

Our principals include: Tom McConnaughy Tom founded highly-regarded McConnaughy, Stein, Schmidt, Brown and attracted clients like Crate & Barrel, True Value and Walgreens, which ...

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