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Louisville Advertising Agency #03-1025630-948

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our business approach is rooted in our desire to to exceed expectations in every facet. Efficiency, creativity, diligence, resourcefulness, attention-to-detail and flexibility are a few of the characteristics we believe contribute to exceeding expectations. ...

Cultural Profile

Philosophically, we strongly believe a "total team approach" maximizes our ability to properly do our job. Every account is assigned a team member from each department within the agency. Each person's expertise and input is essential in gaining the desired results. A typical team consists of an Account Executive, Creative Director and Media Planner. ...

Firm Strengths

Sales Promotion, sponsorship strategy, media buying, creative services and retail marketing are our five strongest core competencies.

One Last Word

Our team is diverse. We have old farts, young punks and everything in between. We pride ourselves on bringing in people from different backgrounds, not just agency backgrounds. Ultimately, this diversity allows us to make decisions that have been influenced by people with a variety of different perspectives. ...

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