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Miami Advertising Agency #03-1014420-922

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our ambition is to be known as the most influential communications agency in the world. We never settle with "good enough," we're never lured by the comforts of the status quo. We are committed to creativity, the most powerful force in business. Creativity is what ...

Cultural Profile

The personality of our agency is best captured in the words of our founder, Bill Bernbach, who said, "When we started our agency, we had in mind precisely the kind of people we wanted with us. There were two requirements: You had to be talented and you had to be nice. If you were nice but without talent, we were very sorry, but you just wouldn't ...

Firm Strengths

Our key strengths can be summarized as follows: 1. Global brand builder and AOR for leading multinational brands, specializing in brand transformation ...

One Last Word

Ideas are the fuel of our agency. Throughout our history we have been guided by four simple ideas from our founder, Bill Bernbach . . . Creativity is the Most Powerful Force in Business. We pursue collaborative relationships with clients and partners to find the ...

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