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Miami Advertising Agency #03-1025634-010

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We strive to achieve high communication art, through all disciplines, one hundred percent of the time. This philosophy permeates everything we execute in creative advertising, marketing, design, public relations, media, new media and client services. ...

Cultural Profile

High energy, detail oriented passionate individuals. We are a company rooted in traditional business ethics, such as, accountability, integrity, pride, honesty, and a high level of workmanship. If we were one person, they would be properly dressed for business each ...

Firm Strengths

We are a full service advertising, marketing, production and public relations firm. Founded on the principle that each aspect of marketing is a well-defined discipline, one that adheres to a strict protocol and a system of checks and balances for accuracy. Eachdepartment is headed by a highly skilled individual who practices the "art of advertising"in ...

One Last Word

Each employee is hired based on his or her experience and skill level. In order to succeed here, the founder provides training in understanding what "top quality" means and looks like when executing complex media plans, creative and production. A system of checks and balances is established within each department so that a high level of ...

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