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Miami Advertising Agency #03-1032064-963

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our team prides itself on the ability to develop and execute innovative advertising and marketing campaigns for the general and multicultural markets (i.e., Hispanic, African American, Caribbean, and Creole). ...

Cultural Profile

The company is composed by a multicultural group consisting of a Cuban American founder who fully understands the many diverse markets perfectly, being born in New York and raised in Miami. The agency itself has been founded and grown in the South Florida area, known as the gateway to Latin America. Our thorough understanding of this ...

Firm Strengths

CREATIVE AND WEB DESIGN - Our in-house creative and web design department assures that all of our clients' messages are clearly stated, correctly targeted, and contain the highest level of visual communication. ...

One Last Word

Presently, the agency stands as a well-established firm in Miami, Florida. It has blossomed into a full-service, innovative, and strong Hispanic advertising agency with over 25 years of proven experience. Its clientele has grown substantially, working closely with a variety of clients in the realms of real estate, healthcare, telecommunications ...

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