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Milwaukee Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1014293-544

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our principal product/service is client success, because it is the only thing that guarantees agency success, profit and new business. We are not about us. We are about our clients. We are extremely competitive and want our clients to succeed. And not by a nose. We want to ...

Cultural Profile

The act of creating advertising is an interactive process depending upon relationships between creative people, as well as the positive flow of data, constructive criticism, and client input. To foster an atmosphere that promotes this kind of free interaction, we keep the agency culture open, honest, unfractured, unpolitical and in tact. We ...

Firm Strengths

Although our main objective is advertising that succeeds, our creative, within all sizes of production budgets, has been consistently recognized by advertising industry awards. At the 1996 Milwaukee Addy Awards, we won Best Of Show and had four out of six Best Of Show finalists, as well as winning four of six Gold and five of ten Silver ...

One Last Word

We are a "balanced" agency, not in the sense that we simply offer a variety of services to cover all the bases, but rather because we put equal weight on every side of the fulcrum inside the agency. The voice of the media director carries as much weight as the voice of the creative director...as the voice of the account supervisor, etc. Only ...

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