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Minneapolis Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1014280-975

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Help our clients build their brands by creating and distributing measured programs and platforms that attract, engage, acquire and retain customers by building Customer Utility TM. ...

Cultural Profile

Every company's culture is set from the top down. Ours is defined by an informality that seeks to treat employees, vendors and clients with kindness and respect. We are most gratified when visitors to our Agency tell us they "can feel the difference" when they walk through our halls. ...

Firm Strengths

1) Named one of the top 5 digital marketing companies in the U.S. 2) Extensive network of 66 offices in 40 countries, comprising 2,500 people with experience in digital and direct disciplines, including media, analytics and research. 3) Experts in both acquisition and retention (CRM) ...

One Last Word

MRM Worldwide has a single vision--a company-wide philosophy--that drives our work. We call it our Customer Utility. And it's based on the notion that connections with brands have to be useful and engaging. It's about what consumers think,feel, perceive and know a brand can do for them. Not about what a brand claims. At MRM Worldwide, we're ...

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