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Minneapolis Integrated Marketing Communications Agency #03-1014308-390

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Our agency is defined by a mission that is honest and strong in its simplicity: CLIENT SUCCESS. It's a mission that puts the focus where it should be - on our clients' business - not our own. We fulfill our mission by our internal philosophy and approach of "wrapping more ...

Cultural Profile

We are one of the largest independent agencies in the country. We are not only independent in terms of our ownership structure, but each of our employees posses an independent spirit. Our client roster is diverse, which means our employees are flexible and free thinking in their approach to client service. ...

Firm Strengths

Our three primary strengths are our ability to be "highly creative, highly disciplined and highly integrated" in everything we do. Highly Creative Creativity is manifested in all we do as an agency across all ...

One Last Word

We do not take the word "partnership" for granted. We train our entire staff to follow a partnership philosophy with each of our clients, built on the following criteria: "Do we treat your business as the most important account in the ...

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