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Minneapolis Advertising Agency #03-1036676-767

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Principle 1 If you're not going to make an impact, why bother? Principle 2 ...

Cultural Profile

We are relaxed in our environment but intense in our work. This means we work hard, exude confidence (not arrogance), trust, and wisdom. People who work with us should feel comfortable and nervous simultaneously. Comfortable because our processes and systems are buttoned down. Nervous because we'll push the envelope in our work and ...

Firm Strengths

BRAND DEVELOPMENT This is one of our sweet spots. Our Brand GrooveTM process is a unique methodology that enables our clients to refine their business to a single, powerful, unique brand position. Once defined, our creative process takes over and develops a powerfully unique voice for the brand ...

One Last Word

Our focus comes from our inherenet creativity as musicians. We compose ideas that grow business. This is deeper than brainstorming or concepting. It means thinking about the subtle difference between a great idea and an even greater one. All, of course, with an eye towards business results. ...

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