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New York Advertising Agency #03-1012422-482

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

We start by listening. What are your problems? What are your objectives? Only after we understand these can we put our experience to work for you. Since we're small, you can count on working with our top people. And being professionals, they'll work with you to develop the ...

Cultural Profile

Both owners as well as our staff are "adults" with lots of experience. Much as we enjoy our business and think we have a great sense of humor, we never forget that marketing is serious business.

Firm Strengths

1. We know media and how to buy it effectively; 2. We're accustomed to tight deadlines; 3. We're smart creatively; 4. You only deal with senior people; 5. We understand small budgets.

One Last Word

We use the phrase "One Smart Little Ad Agency" on our website. We believe it expresses our vision of ourselves. The experience of running our own business helps us appreciate our client's needs. Our media experience is second to none. And our affiliation with a national network lets us provide big agency services at small agency prices. ...

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