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New York Advertising Agency #03-1013235-684

Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy

Mission: To build our clients' business as we build our own: with imagination, integrity, intelligence and an equal measure of passion. (Passion because nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without it and, besides, we needed a break from all those words starting with ...

Cultural Profile

Clients hire people, not agencies. We keep good people--and good clients--by sticking to some pretty basic rules. We are not a sweatshop. This doesn't mean we don't work late, cancel ...

Firm Strengths

TurningPoint(sm) Strategies: Many of our clients aren't the top spenders or the leading brands in their categories. Some have flat or declining sales. We define "turning points" that help clients turn these brands around. ...

One Last Word

We are results-oriented. While we win our share of creative awards, we're motivated to win results for our clients. We've found that success for our clients has a direct impact on our bottom line year after year. This is one reason we're as proud of our Effie Awards (given by the American Marketing Association for creative work that ...

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